We aspire to raise individual and cultural appreciation for the value of dreams. It is our goal to unite individuals who respect their dreams, to demystify dream work and to integrate dreamsharing into our culture.

The Dream Network invites your contribution via dream or myth-related articles, poetry and artwork. Our writers and readers consist of lay persons, students & professional dreamworkers and therapists: Dream questers, one and all. We invite experiential articles, accounts of a personal/transformative nature and well referenced educational information that will encourage readers to value their dreams and empower them in learning to understand symbolic and metaphoric language.

One section in each issue revolves around Questions that were asked in the previous issue, i.e. our theme. Please contact us directly, by phone or mail, if you wish to contribute to our theme or be made aware of upcoming questions.Other sections are The Art of Dreamsharing and The Mythic Connection.

If you are not familiar with Dream Network, we ask that you avail yourself of several back issues so as to experience the flavor and spirit of our mission.

Written Material

Typed double-spaced manuscript is essential. Please enclose SASE. If you enter your submission on a personal computer, please send copy of the article on computer disk, ideally with complementary illustrations and/or photographs. Include a one-sentence biographical statement and contact information at the end of each article submitted.

A page consists of approximately 900 words with room for title and a 2 5/8" x 2 5/8" illustration and/or photograph of yourself. Maximum length of articles, 2500 words or approximately 3/4 double-spaced pages, + illustrations/photos.

Please indicate copyright preference and date on submissions. DNJ reserves the right to edit all materials submitted for publication.

Art Material

Reproducible black and white original artwork and photographs (b&w or color) are preferred. We use one color (black and white) graphics of many types---line drawings with washes, and photographs. Graphics need to be of high quality and camera ready. In appreciation, we offer a free one year subscription and several complimentary copies of the issue in which your submission appears.

Approximate 'Lifelines': (formerly 'deadlines')

February 15 April 15
August 15 November 15

~ Distribution Dates:


Artist and Photographer Guidelines:
Creating an Image Bank

We use one color (black and white) graphics of many types---line drawings with washes, and photographs. We are depending on synchronicity, believing that artists are unconsciously picking up on the images being dreamed by dreamers.

This phenomenon is illustrated in the book At the Pool of Wonder: here, the illustrator knew nothing of the dreamer's dream, yet the images depict the dreams dramatically.

If you wish to do graphics for specific articles, let us know; we desire to develop a group of willing artists and as publication time draws near, articles can be sent for your crafting, through the mails.


Formatting and Other Details

If you want your graphics to be used, they need to be of high quality and camera ready. Lower quality graphics, such as sketches and reproduced photos, are welcome as suggestions, but often can't be directly used.

We use many different sizes of graphics, but adjust most to fit our column widths. The overall Journal size is 8 1/2 x 11 inches, which means that a full page illustration is 7 1/2 x 9 3/4. If you graphic is of a different size, that is all right, but just be aware that it will probably be reduced or enlarged and its quality will need to hold up. We try to avoid any significant enlarging at all, or any reductions greater than 40%.

For photos, we prefer high quality black and white, no larger than 8" x 10". However, we are able to use color prints and slides. Contact sheets are welcome as a guide to tentative selections.

Include your name, address, phone, and date of submission either on the back or attached to your drawing or photo. Send it to us at:

PO Box 1026
Suite #22, Moab UT 84532.

If you wish your materials returned, send SASE. Closing dates are the same as for written materials.

Submissions that are published will receive several contributor copies.

Thank you for your interest in dreams & in the Dream Network

 Your Letters, Questions and Submission of Articles, Poetry and Art are Invited and Welcome


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