“Nothing Happens Unless First a Dream.”  Carl Sandburg
....and we all dream, every night.
DreamSharing & Dreamwork

Here is where you can share any dream for which you would like to have better understanding.
Share your dream as best you remember it: go into detail about the setting, characters, objects, colors, how you felt when you awakened, e.g., your mood. ... were you scared? Angry? Sad? Confused? This gives an overall feeling to the dream and makes for wonderful beginning point for interaction..
Give your dream a title! Share it in the present tense for the purpose of here, now immediacy.

Be assured that our communications will be handled professionally and confidentially.

• We accept payment through I-Check (or by mail). When payment has been made, I-Check sends us an email right away and we can begin communicating. We will immediately forward your issue of Dream Network ONLINE;  though most often, response will be same day, give us up to 7 days to reply regarding your dream.  If you should wish to continue dreamsharing beyond this initial contact, hourly cost can be negotiated. Please use the same email address each time we communicate.

Follow this link to #4  to activate the process and share your dream.

Understanding the meaning of your dreams is like finding the Pot of Gold at the end of a Rainbow