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    Dream Network, THE Dream Journal Exploring Dreams and Mythology. Since 1982

     The Art of Dreamsharing & Developing Dream Groups, a booklet published by Dream Network

    DreamGates with Robert Moss
       Schedule of workshops, books, tapes, audio, links and direct contact information.

    Swedenborg Foundation Publishers. Go here to learn more about the earliest journal of dreams.

   Energy Portraits, dazzling images of your spiritual, energetic signature, revealing Self as seen from Divine eyes"

  Hunger in the First Person Singular Mysterious courtship between a ghost-town hermit and...her animus?  An unflinching examination of male/female interaction, award-winning fiction.

  Journey from the Keep of Bones Jaguar shamans reincarnated as contemporary New Mexico singles!  Explore       anima/animus, dreams and synchronicity in this visionary novel.

  Inconstant Bard:  A voice of liquid gold.  Bardic poems/ballads of Jungian-based spiritual seeker honoring the Feminine Principle, Druids and Green Man.

     The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of by Joan M. Wolfe
        Expanding Your Awareness Through Dreams and Daydreams
           This provocative new book explores symbolic dreams, waking dreams, daydreams, past lives and alternate realities

    DreamTreasure Cards:Find Treasures In Your Dreams    with Noreen Wessling

     Alchera Dream Software by Creator Harry Bosma

     Shadow of a Dream  A new book from M. William Wythe, author of One Hand Clapping.
                "In this novel about a   film about a novel, nothing is what is seems.
                    A film scheduled for release is suddenly shelved in the wake of 9-11."

     Sudden Tremor  of Black Air  A Wonder Full Collection of Dream-Inspired Poems by Janet S. Emmons

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