Directory of Networkers

We are proud to introduce you to these individuals with demonstrated experience, knowledge
and committment in the field of dreams. Each offers to make their unique expertise available to You.
Offered here are a variety of services, products and resources. This is only a beginning of what is available through our dream journal... .

  DreamGates with Robert Moss  *  Workshops, books, tapes, audio, links and contact information.
  The Haden Institute  *  Two Year Dream Leader Training with notable Faculty, such as Bob Haden, Jeremy Taylor, Robert Bosnak and more.
  Russell A. Lockhart, Ph.D. - A Website with Soul
  Journey Into Wholeness  Year Round Seminars & Vision Quests
  Center for Story & Symbol:Courses on Mythic Stories in Depth Psychology. 1-Day Seminars in California
  The New England Dreamwork Institute * Become Certified in Dreamwork First Trimester In September 2002
   Your Guiding Dreams: Learn how to interpret your dreams with the  Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams
    University of Yourself - TeleDream * with Dr. Ron Masa & Staff. FREE first visit!
  Dr. Sandy Sela-Smithwith Infinite Connections holds the space for waking and dreaming consciousness
            to flow together into expanded awareness; awaken to the dream.

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enryreed/dreamquest">  Dream Quest with Henry Reed    Learn how you can receive intuitive guidance from
                    dreams in my proven, personally mentored, home-study "Dream Quest."
  Inspiring Dream Groups by Telephone: Explore one dream, in depth, weekly.  University of Yourself!
  Janice Baylis, Ph.D. & Sun, Man, Moon Inc. Publishers Announces Sex, Symbols & Dreams
        "Chaos Theory Applied to Dreaming" an article by Janice Baylis
   Dreaming of the Stock Market?  Precognitive Stock Market Dreaming -
                A free group for experienced dreamers  to exchange precognitive market dreams.
   Dream Treasure Cards: Finding Treasures In Your Dreams with Noreen Wessling
   Lamb Lion Ministries  - A Variety of Services offered by Rev. Dan Pretchel
   Roberta Ossana, M.A. -- Exploring the Mystery Publisher/Editor of the Dream Network. Articles,   Interviews, Dream Resource Contact

If YOU would like to make your services and seminar/workshop offerings available to our visitors           in this way, please Contact Us for details.

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