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        We believe that your dream symbols and metaphors are created by your own unique, inner ‘dream maker.’  The genius of our psyche—or inner guide—most often draws upon our unique life experience to create our dreams. We believe it is ultimately more desirable to share your dreams and arrive at interpretation with an experienced dreamworker, therapist and/or to participate in a dream group.
       That said, it is nevertheless helpful at times to refer to a good symbol dictionary in order to become educated and more familiar with symbolic language and metaphor. If you know of other symbol dictionaries that we might include, please send information on to us.
       Here is a listing of some of our most recommendable Dream Symbol Dictionaries. We hope you find it of value!

Tanner, Wilda B. The Mystical, Magical Marvelous World of Dreams. Sparrowhawk Press, Tahlequah, OK: Eighth Printing, 1994
        This is our all-time favorite in terms of it’s user-friendly language and incredibly complete listing of symbols in dreams. We fortunately interviewed Ms. Tanner prior to her death (Dream Network, Vol. 15 No. 4) and in the course of that exchange, she stated that the book was channeled.  Though we are also somewhat skeptical about the authenticity of channeling, this series of transmissions is incredibly helpful.

Matthews, Boris, Ph. D., Translator; Farrell, Deborah and Presser, Carole, Editors.  The Herder Symbol Dictionary: Chiron Publications, Wilmette, IL. Sixth printing, 1991.
        This symbol dictionary/handbook selects upon major, often archetypical, symbols from many cultures. Symbols are included that are familiar or close to Western European consciousness. Easy access, alphabetical presentation.

Elizabeth Burr, Translator. The Chiron Dictionary of Greek & Roman Mythology: Chiron Publications, Wilmette, IL 1994.
        Gods and Goddesses, Heroes, Places and Events of Antiquity. More than 1600 entries and 225 illustrations.

Cirlot, J. E. A Dictionary of Symbols, Philosophical Library, New York, NY: Sixth printing, 1981.
        In terms of showing the relationship between symbols and mythology, this dictionary is exceptional. Therefore, this is the dictionary to consult when desiring to learn more about archetypal symbols, i.e., those produced from what Carl G. Jung termed “The Collective Unconscious.”

Meadows, Kathleen, Ph.D.  & Nye, Gloria, B.A. Dream Dictionary: Unlock the Meaning of Your Dreams, Guelph, Ontario, Canada: 1999.
        The Chapters in this unique dream dictionary are arranged alphabetically and each letter/chapter presents a dream along with the DreamQuest Dictionary Interpretation.  It is an informative symbol dictionary for the lay person desiring to better understand the language of symbols.

Condron, Barbara, D.M., D.D., B.J. The Dreamer’s Dictionary: Translations in the Universal Language of Mind: School Of Metaphysics Publishing, Windyville, MO, , 1994.
        The bulk of this book concentrates on just what the title implies; the first section focuses on The Oldest Language Known To Man and the final, third section talks about “The Art of Dream Interpretation.”

Bethards, Betty. The Dream Book: Symbols for Self-Understanding: Element Books, Rockport, MA, 1995.
        This book is dedicated to specific symbols and their possible meanings—over 1650 symbols are recorded! However the ‘dictionary’ is preceded by three very informative chapters: Part l: Self-Understanding Through Dreams; Part 2: Working With Dreams; Part 3: Dreams and Expanded Consciousness.

Summer Rain, Mary & Greystone, Alex. Mary Summer Rain’s Guide to Dream Symbols
Hampton Road Publishing Co., Charlottesville, VA: 1996
        After a brief Forward from Mr. Greystone and Introduction from Ms. Summer Rain, the authors launch into the presentation of nearly 15,000 words/symbols and equally brief notations about their possible meanings and references. Mary Summer Rain was an apprentice for many years to a Native American woman she calls “No-Eyes.”

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