Dreaming Humanity's Path
Is a presentation of Visionary dreams, gifted to dreamers (and Dream Network)
around the world and offered here, anonymously, as guidance for us.
(Thanks to dreamer Leiah Bowden for having gifted us with this evocative title.)

In my dream, I heard a song....

I'myour friend forever, if you will only follow me.”

In 1992, we put out a request in the Dream Network to all readers. It read:

“Dream Network has created a repository and collection point for your
Visionary Dreams, those dreams gifted for the larger human and Earth community.
Have you had dreams or visions that you knew, intuitively, were gifted to be shared with others?
Dreams that you know have significance to more than just yourself?
Here is the place to share them.
What piece of the puzzle do you hold?”

Over the next 2 or 3 years, dreamers from all around the country sent in written expressions of dreams of this nature. One woman whom we had not heard from before, submitted several of her extraordinary visions and finished her letter by apologizing for taking so much of our time!
She had never shared her dreams with anyone before! Some of them were over a decade old, yet extremely timely and significant even today.
The results, when looking at ALL the dreams that had been submitted, were awesome! What took shape was a Story that had four distinct 'chapters' and which became the centerpieces for each issue of Dream Network in 1995.

(At the bottom of this page, there is a place for you to share your Visionary Dream in consideration for publishing in Dream Network Journal.)

Here are examples of the crucial information gifted us in these Visionary Dreams:

In our dreams....


I’m on a cruise ship, one as big as the Titanic,
and as I look out the window
I see there is a big storm brewing.
I see water splashing at the windows.
 I’m on the top deck so we must be in trouble!
I run down the corridor toward the stairs
but water is starting to flood up the stairs,
so I run to the other side of the corridor
where there are more stairs but it’s flooded too.
So I return to the window where I see people jumping out
 and I’m so scared that if I jump out
I will hit bottom and die...
 and the bottom is no longer the ocean it is cement!
So I am debating whether to die drowning in the stair case or jumping out the window and just as I’m contemplating my death,
I hear a siren and the  captain of the ship
announces over the loud speaker
“This is just a test please don’t panic! This is just a test.”

I believe that the captain of the ship symbolized God, reminding me that my fears may feel like death no matter what I choose, but in the end it is all an illusion. As long as I don’t panic and trust that I will be shown, all will turn out right.

See the Wounded Children

There are children of every race, age and walk of life. They have all been tortured. They walk by me, some of them almost ghost-like, others lie on beds waiting to die. Some have one inch of their skin peeled off of them. Others have small, pin-like holes punched through their bodies in grid-like formations. Others are purposely given skin diseases, rashes, bruises, etc.  Iask, "Why?”

Protect the Children During this Period of Trial & Crisis

I see myself taking the children to a safe place? Perhaps some sort of community?during a period of crisis. I don't know who these children are . . . but there are always about 30 or 40 of them. It's as if there is going to be a time of trial and I know I have to keep the children safe so they'll be able to take their places as leaders when the trial period is over.

An Avenue of Safety

I am with others, driving a car through the city where trouble is brewing. We drive to a house, on higher ground than the rest of the city. A leader of sorts lives there and as we approach the house, I experience a feeling of deja-vu. When we are inside, we are to be given a feast of some sort and when the servants come in to serve us, we are brought bowls of fresh raspberries (out of season). After we eat, we go outside; the atmosphere is electrified with intense feelings of the trouble about to begin. We are in fear for our lives, as we are completely surrounded by the city and its inhabitants. Suddenly, we look up to see a helicopter-like craft coming down toward us. It obeys no laws of physics and seems to be coming from,or through, another dimension. It lands and a man comes out to rescue us . . . but he has little room and asks who of us he should take aboard. We answer, "The children!î referring to the few little ones we have with us. He attaches a cable to the children and flies off. The children stay with us as the cable,surprisingly, plays out of the flying machine. Where the cable stretches between our rescuer and the children, it lies on the ground andan avenue of safety opens up. It leads up a hill, creating a pathway through fruit trees that are both blossoming and bearing ripe fruit. The trees are full of birds, squirrels and monkeys. We climb nearly to the top of the hill where I can see friends. I feel great love and peace.

(Next night) I awaken from a dream experiencing ecstatic joy. It seems we have reached the top of the hill!

    These  visions,  timelessly significant, are reprinted anonymously with the dreamer's permission, from our exceptional feature, Dreaming Humanity's Path.

In my dream, I heard a song....

    “I'm your friend forever, if you will only follow me.”

The four chapters (referred to above) are entitled*:

Protect the Children Vol. 14 No. 1

Warnings Vol. 14 No. 2 (what could happen)

Guidance Vol. 14 No. 3 (preventative measures)

Through the Veil Vol. 14 No. 4 (The Awakening)
 (These volumes are available as back issues.)

We encourage you to submit -- and and allow us to publish -- your visionary dreams. We ask here that YOU participate!  We believe that critical information is being imparted to dreamers in various parts of the world that once 'merged' together, will comprise the next chapters in our collective journey.

Please contribute to this ongoing endeavor.  It doesn't matter whether the dream that comes to mind as you read this, came 10 or even 20 years ago... or one that you grandparent shared with you when you were a child.
DreamTime does not obey the same laws of time-space as we experience it in waking reality!
Have you  ever had a dream that you just couldn't keep to yourself?
You knew, intuitively, that it wanted -- Needed -- to be shared?

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