Credo for Dreamers

Message to Poets.... and Dreamers

The following is excerpted from a paper read at a meeting of the new Latin-
American poets -- and a few young North Americans -- in Mexico City.  —Author, unknown

       "We who are poets know that the reason for a poem is not discovered until the poem itself exists. The reason for a living act is realized only in the act itself. This meeting is a spontaneous explosion of hopes. That is why it is a venture in prophetic poverty, supported and financed by no foundation, organized and publicized by no official group, but a living expression of the belief that there are now in our world new people, new poets, who are not in tutelage to established political systems or cultural structures . . . but who dare to hope in their own vision of reality and of the future.

       This meeting is united in a flame of hope whose temperature has not yet been taken and whose effects have not yet been estimated, because it is a new fire. The reason for the fire cannot be apparent to one who is not warmed by it. The reason for being here will not be found until all have walked together, without afterthought, into contradictions and possibilities.

       We believe that our future will be made by love and hope, not by violence or calculation. The Spirit that has brought us together, whether in space or only in agreement, will make our encounter an epiphany of certainties we could not know in isolation.

        The solidarity of poets and dreamers is not planned and welded together with tactical convictions or matters of policy, since these are affairs of prejudice, cunning and design. Whatever our failures, the poet is not a cunning person. His or her art depends on an ingrained innocence which he would lose in business, in politics, or in too organized a form of academic life. The hope that rests on calculation has lost its innocence. Let us band together to defend our innocence!"

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