The Art of Dreamsharing
& Developing Dream Groups

A 50-Page booklet offering everything you ever wanted to know about learning what your dreams mean, why you have recurring dreams and nightmares. Also included, the importance of keeping a dream journal and everything you ever wanted to know about starting or participating in a dream group.

•  Dream Recall
•  Recurring Dreams & Nightmares
•  Basic Dream Work
•  Why and How to Start & Organize a Dream Group
•  Dreamsharing Techniques, Hints & Guidelines
•  Leaderless Groups
•  Shared or Mutual Dreaming
Articles written by these well known authors: Montague Ullman, Jeremy Taylor, Janice Baylis, Leon Van Leeuwen, Noreen Wessling, Rosemary Watts, Vicky Vlach & Barbara Shor and more.

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