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Dream Network Journal is a place where you can share the wonder and mystery of your dreams. It is a publication that offers you and others the opportunity to learn and ask questions, to share your dreams, your dream-related-art and poetry. Dreamers often share what their dream revealed to them, or what it inspired them to do. Sometimes, even years later, a dream will manifest itself as a déjà vu experience, or perhaps throw light on previous events.

Are you fortunate enough to remember your dreams? If so, do you keep a dream journal? Do you have recurring dreams? Nightmares? DNJ is not only a place to learn more about these common dream experiences but to share your own, and get response from other dreamers. Through DNJ, you can network with dreamers around the world.

Since 1982 we have remained true to our initial mission, that of
Evolving a Dream Cherishing Culture.

Our purpose is to raise individual and cultural appreciation for the value of dreams. We provide information that may, with the help of dreams, assist and empower us in healing ourselves, our relationships and our beloved Earth.

Though we aspire to a high level of scholarship, the Dream Network Journal is not an academic publication per se and is not governed by any academic institution or theoretical disposition; rather, we remain eclectic, autonomous and open to all schools of thought and personal experience. Together, we explore the mystery of our dreams.

Currently we feature regular columns by the following authors:

• Marlene King, M.A. ~ Dream Times
• Russell Lockhart, Ph.D. ~ Dreams in the News
• Paco Mitchell, M.A. ~ Dreaming Planet
• Arthur Strock, Ph.D. ~ Practical Interactive Dreaming
• Ann Sayre Wiseman, M.A. ~ The Children's Space

Each issue contains a feature section in which contributors respond to a Question or Theme suggested in the previous issue, for example:

• The Healing Power of Dreams
• Money in Dreams: What does it symbolize?
• Crop Circles: What are 'They' trying to tell us?
• Dreaming Politics
• Dreams and 9/11

Additionally, we feature sections on The Art of Dreamsharing and Dream Education and The Mythic Dimension, Letters to the Editor, Dream-Related Poetry and Book Reviews. A Classified Section will enable you to network with dreamers around the world.

Recently, we have created The StarLight Dream Circle, a membership which offers a number of benefits, such as a free annual print subscription, access to download back issues, once a year free advertising in DNJ, occasional online events and more. StarLight Dream Circle also enhances DNJ’s ability to remain in print.

We also offer an Online Membership option, providing downloadable .pdf access to each new issue of DNJ, The Art of Dreamsharing & Developing Dream Groups and Relationship Dreams booklets, articles and more…at a significantly reduced price worldwide.


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