Alchera Dream Software (CD)
Many dreamers still wonder what Alchera, or dream software in general, can do for them. Here's why you may be interested in dream software.
    The best thing about dream software is that it makes it much easier to find your old dreams. For example, Alchera shows for each dream, which other dreams feature the same symbols. This help to make you aware that some symbols occur more often than you had expected, just not often enough that you could have remembered it yourself.
    Software also makes it more fun to maintain your own symbol book, as each dream will automatically link to the symbols in your symbol book.
    The strongest point of Alchera, however, could very well be how it allows you to (manually) index dreams on themes, characters, lucidity anchors, or anything else in which you're interested. Once indexed, you can view and print charts showing statistics by year. In other words, if you do much work with dreams, the software enables you to research dreams in many ways. The registered version even comes with a plug-in that shows the number of dreams per phase of the moon.
More information is available at the website:

Harry Bosma, the Creator of Alchera Dream Software