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Dear Dream Explorer,

       For thousands of years, successful people like you from all over the world have used the wisdom of dreams as guides for tapping into their potential and increasing  understanding and well-being in all areas of their life:  career, finances, relationships, and spirituality.  Our publication is a collective, cooperative dream journal.

       We now know that each of us dreams every night. Nonetheless, how many of us actually remember our dreams... or use them as the source of guidance in our daily lives that they could be?  Sadly, if you are like most people, you have never learned how to fully use your dreams to improve your life. Sure, you may remember dream fragments once in a while, or even have a disturbing, recurring dream that you don't understand. But, do you know how to use dreams to your advantage?
For many people, finding a resource that addresses all the major aspects of dream work takes hours of research at out-of-the way bookstores or the back rooms of libraries. Is there any way to find everything you need to know in one place?

       There is now. Dream Network Journal is the best and most  comprehensive source of dream information today, published 4 times each year. For 16 years, Dream Network Journal has provided dream-related information to help you understand and learn the symbolic language and metaphors in dreams so that you can control your life and benefit from your dreams.

 “It both surprises and pleases me that there is so much information about dreams amassed and that there is so much professional and public level interest in dreams.
I've been trying to discover what to do about my own dreams for many years, because some of them are on the grand scale of prophecies, others are prognostications and still others are very personal dreams. I've had little opportunity to share, compare or learn about this area of my life. I look forward to receiving the next quarterly issue.”

 (Bonnie B. Jacobson, Rock Hill, S.C.)
        Dreams are one of the most valuable tools readily available to each of us. You, too, can benefit from the power of this ancient wisdom and learn basic and advanced techniques in remembering, analyzing and benefiting from your dreams when you use  Dream Network. Yes, you will learn how to tap into your own internal Dream maker and make your dreams work for you thanks to our timely and revealing articles, interviews, accounts of personal transformation, book reviews, poetry, and so much more. Dream Network helps you better understand and use the symbolic language of the dreams you are having every night of your life and which have such important influences upon us.

Here is just some of what you get in each issue of Dream Network:

 “I was quite a surprised to find an intelligent publication focused on dreaming. I have always maintained a strong connection to my dream life. I investigated the traditional and progressive dream texts while still in art school. I am thrilled with what I have found in Dream Network! Great good luck with your fine and worthwhile venture.”
(Scott N. Becker, Highland Park, IL)
        Dream Network  draws on wisdom generations old, but is directed at today's dreamer and very current applications and situations. Not only do you get specific guidance on how to understand your nightly dreams, but also information about today's common dream themes and articles addressing critical areas of current and profound importance: nightmares, death, addictions, gender and relationship issues and family systems. You'll find provocative and timely articles like: “I have conducted a seminar each week for men and women--mostly men--on dreams and spiritual growth. I began it with fear and trepidation. I was pleasantly surprised to find most if not all very open to listening to God speaking in their dreams. I just love DNJ, and would like to do an article sometime.”
    Father Joseph Sedley, C.P. Shrewsbury, MA
        Every night of your life you dream. If you cannot recall,  do not understand, and do not use the meanings of your dreams, fully 1/3 of your life is  a black hole. Things are going on, but you do not know them, cannot use them, and have only the vaguest recollection of them. Dream Network  exists to reveal this all-too-often unexplored 1/3 of your life, to give you insights, analytical tools, and the ability to use the messages from your soul every single night of your life, to your advantage.

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