Novelist M. William Wythe earned a doctorate in psychology the hard way. After escaping from an Oklahoma state mental hospital in 1969, Wythe found himself on the lam in Hawaii, where he was diagnosed as a chronic schizophrenic. Using transcripts documenting his treatment at both facilities, Wythe fictionalized his own case study, earning a Ph.D. in 1993 for writing his dissertation-turned-novel, One Hand Clapping, a harrowing and ultimately triumphant trek through the heart of darkness.
        Following up on the success of One Hand Clapping, which was picked up for distribution by Barnes & Noble, Wythe wrote the sequel, Shadow of a Dream. He is currently working on the final installment of the trilogy.
        In Shadow, a gifted psychologist confronts his darkest fears when personal tragedy sets him on a mythic journey of self-discovery. In this novel about a film about a novel, nothing is what it seems. A film scheduled for release is suddenly shelved in the wake of 9-11. As we follow this intriguing story, layers of reality are peeled away one at a time, gradually revealing a secret so startling and so profound that it challenges our most basic assumptions about the very nature of reality.
        A dangerous, self-perpetuating mental virus enslaves humanity in a web of illusion, according to psychologist Mauris Wangler. Obsessed with writing a book to validate his theory, he begins to fear for his own sanity when a disturbing pattern of coincidence spreads from his dreams to his waking life. Then a chance encounter with a beautiful and mysterious young woman changes everything.
        In One Hand Clapping, the story of a fool who becomes wise, the narrator is a psychologist trying to come to grips with a troubled past. Taking the form of an allegory, Clapping is a parable about freeing our minds from the illusions that imprison us. With charming, irreverent wit, Wythe lifts the curtain on reality, demonstrating just how unreliable our perceptions can be. His conclusion: "Nobody knows reality. Our minds act as filters, making reality into what we think we see. We all have the freedom to change our perceptions. That's how we change the world."

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