How to Find Treasures in Your Dreams
Episode Eight:  “Dream Cards Venture Into The Community”


*Both gentle and wild *
*Let your spirit of freedom*
*Soar with confidence*


Dreams are incredibly personal. When I originally created my 50 Dream Treasure Cards, including “Wolf Woman,” with images from my favorite dream art, I did it just for me. After all, I reasoned, who else would give a rat’s patoutti about my dreams! Secretly, however, I wished it were otherwise. So you can imagine my delight when my friend and Tai Chi student, Barb Turner, took an eager interest in my cards, even to the point of eventually commissioning me to make her a full set, motivated by her feeling that the cards might be helpful, even inspiring, to share with the troubled, sometimes suicidal, teenagers and battered women with whom she teaches and counsels professionally.

It was Barb’s experience with the WOLF WOMAN card, however, that initially got her excited about these possibilities. Here’s how that happened. Just for fun, I showed my students my Dream Cards and asked them to pick a card if they wished. On three different occasions, Barb picked WOLF WOMAN, deeply resonating with her WILD SPIRIT. So much so, that I made her a copy of this card to keep. Later, imagine my delight when Barb showed me this card all beautifully framed up and told me, “I have this hanging in a spot where I walk by it every single day and I look at it and know that my spirit has come so far from where it once was. ” Barb is the first person to take my cards out into the community. How exciting! Now let Barb talk for herself ...

Barb and her framed Wolf Woman


Noreen: Barb, tell me about your experience with the Wolf Woman dream card. How did she come into your life?

Barb: The first time you showed me your cards and I saw the Wolf Woman, I knew I had a connection with her. Then, after I drew that card at random, three times on different days, it seemed as if she was the essence of my soul. I looked at the whirlpool swirls in your card and thought, “I was in that whirlpool and now I’m in the stream of life and that’s what the Wolf Woman is. She’s been in that whirlpool a long time  and now she’s broken out of it and is standing on the outside. It’s very  validating. And to keep choosing it week after week says to me that I am a very gentle soul and people sometimes misinterpret my stark manner about things I say. But inside I know I am this Wild Spirit.

THE BATTERED WOMEN I COUNCIL ARE STILL IN THIS  WHIRLPOOL. They fell into it as children and they’re still trapped in it. Many teens are also flailing around in the whirlpool! Yes, we have all seen a whirlpool with a stick in it and how it goes round and round and round and  round and there may be more than one stick going round and round and sooner or later, if they don’t get out of the whirlpool, they’ll go under. And  I’m trying to pull my women and my kids out of that whirlpool  and get them into the mainstream

N:   What a dynamic and helpful image that is. Have you thought of yourself as a Wild Spirit for a long time?

B:   Always -- since I was very young. My parents would punish me for lying and telling wild stories about my pretend friend. To me, my stories were not lies and I couldn’t understand why they were always punishing me. Now I have learned in the past several years that this friend was my spirit guide. So now if somebody comes to me and says, “My child has a pretend friend,” I say,  “Wonderful, let them have their pretend friend because that’s their connection to the other side.”

N:   Tell me about how this dream card is connected in some way with what  you’re doing with your students.

B:   Wolf Woman, the Wild Spirit, is the person who can connect to other wild spirits. I have a theory about all the teenagers that I work with. They have too much energy in their bodies and don’t know how to channel it and end up on drugs and are diagnosed ADD (attention deficit disorder) or SBHD (severe behavioral habits disorder). So I’m trying to teach them to channel this energy productively.

N:  So, you’ve taken Wolf Woman card to show the teens?

B:  Yes.

N:   How did they react to it?

B:   Of course they loved the wolf on the card. The wolf who stands alone, who  travels in packs but really stands alone. And that’s who these kids are. They identify with the wolf. No one cares about these kids, Noreen, no one. Even my husband gets tired of hearing me talk about the kids. He says, “You think you’re the only person who cares about them,” and I say, “I am.”

N:   So, you’re saying you’d like me to make you a whole set of my dream cards for your people to experience, with the idea that if one card is helpful, 50 cards are even better! How do you think imagery of this type can help propel your students out of their personal “whirlpools?”

B:   By helping them to internalize their thinking processes. They are external people, always looking for an outer source to bring them peace and happiness. I’m trying to teach them to look inward so they can learn to find these qualities within themselves rather than continually looking for an outside source ... “I have to have the right man, the right car or the right  designer clothes ...”

N:   You know what I’d really like ... for my dream cards to inspire some of your students to want to make their own card deck because that gets to be even more personal and, as I’m thinking about it, it could also be an avenue to encourage them to explore their own DREAMS.

B:   What an exciting idea! I have two kids who are very talented and could make their own set of cards

N:   Even if some students are not artistic but still intrigued, they can use photographs and pictures out of books and on my WEBSITE,    ( on the very first page, you  can click on Episode #1 and it gives suggestions how to make cards in a variety of different ways. You can run off copies for your students.

B:   Great idea! I had the teenagers doing ME collages this year. I brought in a whole bunch of magazines and they cut pictures out that related to  themselves, dreams they have in life, things they want, places they want to go. So they cut out things like boats and cars and pictures of beaches ...

N:  Well, how about “ME” CARDS?

B: That’s such a tremendous idea and I’m going to develop it for next year.  Teens are so narcissistic anyway, (smile!) so let them create their very own ME CARDS.

N:  I’m just thrilled that you’re so willing to share the cards with your students and I can’t think of anything better to happen to my dream cards.
 As you know, this is my very first experience of my cards going out into the community for a really good cause and that warms my heart.

B:   Oh, gee whiz. I just love these cards. I know the Universe has brought me to you, Noreen, for some reason but I don’t know what it is yet. So maybe it’s the ME CARDS. The Universe is a lot smarter than I am.

N:   Keep up the fine work, you Wild Spirit, you!

QUESTION FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: How about creating your own personal set of dream cards. What might you discover?

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BIO: Noreen is owner of 7 Arts Studio in Milford, Ohio, and is in turn owned by her 5 cats. She is a stained glass artist, dream adventurer, writer, drummer, computer art buff and teacher of Tai Chi

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