How to Find Treasures in Your Dreams

Episode Seven

DEATH ... part two
“When a Great Friend Dies”


*My friend Juney died*
*Where is she?  Close in my heart*
*Through the gift of grace*

This Dream Card is from a bookmark that I made for my friend, Juney, while she was dying of breast cancer.  We both thought for sure, however, that by some miracle she would pull through since her attitude was positive, her spirit vibrant.  She died anyway!


Juney was my closest, oldest friend, bonded for life since we first met as school pals in Scotland.  I had no dreams alerting me of her impending death, yet the reason I include this story here is because of the remarkable synchronicity that occurred between Juney and I as she was dying and shortly after.  It’s my strong knowing that the more I honor my dreams, the easier it becomes to recognize synchronistic signs which for me, are gifts of grace from the Angels.


Having the Atlantic Ocean between us did not deter Juney and I from ‘connecting’ as she went through her dying adventures.  On November 23, 1997, I knew the end was near for my friend, but when exactly?  My thoughts were intensely upon her as I walked in our woods this day, talking out loud to her as the rhythm of my steps became our mantra.  A bit later, filled to my brim with Juney-feelings, I checked the clock in my 7 Arts Studio. It was 3:30 and a good time for my afternoon meditation.  I heard myself say, “This meditation is for you, Juney,” and I knew she heard me.  The next day I phoned her mum in England, who told me stoically, “June died yesterday afternoon just at 3:30.”


It was unusually mild weather for November, two days after Juney’s death, when my morning Tai Chi class and I joined hands in a prayer circle outside on my deck to send our blessing for Juney’s fruitful journey.  During this meditation as my eyes were closed, I felt something tickle my throat.  “Is it a spider, some bug?” I silently wondered, then forgot about it.  When we opened our eyes, one of my students pointed at me and said, “Look at that leaf sitting right there on your throat.”  Sure enough!  I gently lifted it off, wondering how it got there and why it was still so green at this time of year.  “Wow,” I say with excitement, “must be Juney.  She’d do something like this!”  If this were a dream, I’d see the green leaf as a symbol of growth and healing.  Plus, the throat is my symbol of the chakra of communication.  It struck me that Juney was giving me signs from ‘beyond’ telling me of our continuing communication and that she was healthy and very much alive ... only in a different way.


Now we were on a roll, Juney and I.  After all, we’d been together at the minute of her death and she had let me know that things were moving along well for her on the ‘other side.’  My next quest was to be with her, in spirit, at her funeral.  Yet this seemed thwarted.  After many calls to England, I could connect with no one who knew about the funeral plans.  Drat!

On Friday, November 28, I headed for my 10 AM chiropractic appointment and forgot about the funeral.  However,  on the way, my car got rear-ended at a stop light.  After joking with the police about how handy it was to have been on the way to my chiropractor, I eventually got to this doctor, who treated my minor whiplash.  My original plan had been to spend the afternoon blowing my money at the shopping mall, but my chiropractor insisted I go home immediately to an ice-pack back treatment instead.  Now things got real intriguing as I told my doctor the whole Juney story and added, “I think the funeral is going on about now ... I feel it.”


At home, about half and hour later, I plunked down in my comfy green chair, ice-pack in place, and decided to call England one more time for funeral information.  Lo and behold, the gardener answered.  “You’re just in time, for it started half an hour ago and they’re all off at the funeral as we speak.” I’m coming to believe that TIMING IS EVERYTHING, and time is plentiful to accomplish all our desires when we resist not.

I thanked him and immediately ‘tuned in’ with Juney for the last half hour of her funeral celebration.  Almost instantly Juney was with me.  “Come here,” she smiled beckoningly while reaching for my hand. “I wanted you to celebrate my funeral with me No-No (old nickname of mine) and that’s another reason for the timing and rear-ending incident. I had to find a way to have you quiet and at home at the right time.”  Hmm!  Yes, I muse, it was definitely within the realm of possibility that Juney, with her impish sense of humor, could have contrived such a plan.  We had the best time at the funeral, laughing, flying around, playing, celebrating.  I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.


When a person (or animal) you love dies, are you open to connecting with them in some new way -- perhaps through dreams, synchronistic signs, visions, active imagination, journaling and other expressive arts -- as a means to creatively continue your relationship?

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BIO:  Noreen is owner of 7 Arts Studio in Milford, Ohio, and is in turn owned by her 5 cats.  She is a stained glass artist, dream adventurer, writer, drummer, computer art buff and teacher of Tai Chi.

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