How to Find Treasures in Your Dreams
 Episode Five
 (exploring humor in dreams)


*Go-Go have some fun*
*High-kicking throughout your day*
*Laughing all the way*

No doubt you’ve heard it said that “Life is too serious to take seriously.”  Thankfully, my dreams readily agree with this adage as evidenced by the pages of my dream journals which abound with ‘funny stuff,’  no doubt suggesting that I lighten up! I do tend to get a bit intense at times.  Bernie Siegel also reminds us that laughter helps to heal what ails us.

QUESTION FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: What kind of hilarious images do you have in your dreams and what might they be offering you in your daily life?

An absolute hoot of a dream, Pig-Girlies Chorus Line, that I had years ago still has me laughing.  But first, let me preface this dream-telling by confessing a strange quirk about me and bacon.  Yes, bacon!  I love BLT sandwiches (with the bacon well done) but if I eat bacon more than once every six months, I am chastised that night by a Pig Nightmare.  This has happened repeatedly for over a decade.  Fortunately, a friend recently gave me a delicious recipe for tofu BLT’s which has taken care of my bacon fetish.

My Pig Nightmares are NOT funny so I will not mention those anymore, only to say that the Pig-Girlies dream lets me know how far I have come with my quest to become a ‘bacon-free’ eater and lover of pigs (they are highly intelligent, did you know that?).  So here we go...

Dream: March 30, 1996    “PIG-GIRLIES CHORUS LINE”

There is an establishment called “PIGS A-GO-G0, RESTAURANT & BAR.”  I go inside and see all this good-looking fried food.  I’m about to order some, then I ask what it is.  “Oh, it’s fried pig claws,” says the pig-waiter, “or we have other assorted pig parts ... whatever you desire.”  I decide NOT to eat any of it.  Now, the entertainment begins and a chorus line of ‘Pig Girlies’ comes on stage dancing a can-can type number ... legs high kicking and boobs a-bouncing.  I think to myself, laughing, “This is such a silly dream.”

A bit later I sent this dream to my favorite on-line cartoonist, Jesse Reklaw, who created this pig masterpiece! You too can send a dream to Jesse and he just might transform it into a cartoon for his web site at: (tell him Noreen sent you....)

So, that’s the tale (tail?) of my dream-life with pigs.  Now allow me to tell you another hilarious dream that leads me to doubt whether such a thing as sanity exists in my unconscious.  Meet this spring-loaded Babe from LaLa Land in the following dream...

Dream: June 25, 1995   ‘WALKIES’

I have been given the MAGIC ZAPPIE by Prince Argammon and am now the INVINCIBLE SPRING WOMAN.  The Prince says to me in his lilting, sing-song voice, “Now it is time to go WALKIES with you know who.” And that is the truth!


*Spring into action*
*Let walking fantasies rise*
*To calm and inspire*

Just about every time I pick up this dream card, I laugh inside and out; think of my funky (now deceased) poodle dog, Fiona, (with legs too long and ears too short!) after whom this dream mutt must have been designed), then I usually spring into action and go for a walk ... in fact, that’s where I’m going right now -- to chuckle as I walk in the woods.  However, one more thing before I go ...

QUESTION FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Have you treated yourself to any fun walkies lately?

Recipe for Noreen’s Pigless “BLT”

1 pack firm Tofu
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Shoyo Soy Sauce (the ‘magic’ ingredient)
[Low fat mayonnaise]
Fat slices of tomato
Leaf lettuce

 1.  Press all the water out of the Tofu between paper towels (or a regular towel, if you prefer)
 2.  Cut the tofu into thin slices
 3.  Press the tofu slices between towels, using a heavy weight, such as a cutting board (this is in order to remove   as much water as possible - this is what makes it nice and crisp when cooked).
 4.  Leave the slices under pressure for an hour or so (really crush those babies)
 5.  Get a large skillet (preferably cast iron and certainly not aluminum!)
 6.  Cover the bottom with a couple of tablespoons or more of olive oil (don’t be too skimpy here....)
 7.  Brown the tofu on both sides in the skillet
 8.  Then lower the temperature and when things have cooled a bit, generously add the Shoyo Sauce, which gives it  a   special good flavor - saturate both sides of the slices
  9.   Continue to cook until you get the crispiness you desire
10. For an extra treat have some homemade bread ready
11. Toast this bread lightly
12. Add low fat mayonnaise, if you desire
13. Pile on your delicious Tofu ‘bacon’
14. Add a thick slices of ripe (vine ripened is best....) tomato
15.  Add a nice bit of leaf lettuce
16.  Add your favorite chips and you’ve got a great meal

Note: Now don’t expect this to taste exactly like bacon, because it won’t - nothing can! However, if you are like me, there is something in this Tofu Facsimile that satisfies that deep primal urge for BACON! Try it and let me know how you like it!

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BIO: Noreen is the owner of 7 Arts Studio in Milford, Ohio, and is in turn owned by her 5 cats. She is a stained glass artist, dream adventurer, writer, drummer, computer art buff and teacher of Tai Chi.  Email Noreen Wessling

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