How to Find Treasures in Your Dreams

Episode Four
(the power of your own dream oracle)

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Just about every morning I choose one or more of my Dream Cards to inspire me for the day ahead.  Sometimes I ask specific questions, as on December 17, 1998, when I asked, Which card would most like to be presented in my February webpage?  While shuffling, two cards fell out almost immediately, obviously wanting to be the chosen ones.  The first card I looked at was titled ...


*Starting from today*
*Decide what you want to birth*
*Nurture it kindly*

The second card ...


*Come into full bloom*
*Embarking upon action*
*Which ignites your soul*

As I propped up these two cards side by side, I knew instantly that one led to the other like whipped cream gravitates to strawberry pie (and my mouth!).  I noticed too that the card colors evolved  from  neutral tones to bright radiance.

Now as I write this, I feel  excitement grow in me, wondering where this pair of cards, generated from my own dreams, are going to lead me this time.  I think how clever the cards are to know that BIRTHING SOMETHING IMPLIES GROWTH.  Therefore this Episode speaks to the first two aspects of that primal, never-ending cycle, birth, growth and death.  (well tackle DEATH in another Episode!)

QUESTION FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION:  Do you have dreams of birthing something?  What is that something and where might it take you in your everyday life?

* * * * * * *


My BIRTH card was drawn by using a remarkably innovate method called Touch Drawing (TD), developed by Deborah Koff-Chapin. Anyone can do Touch Drawing, no artistic skill needed.

Touch Drawing  makes me feel like a kid again.  Its a simple yet elegant process of painting with your fingers (without getting ink all over your hands, thank you!).  Just ink up a large board with paint, cover it with a thin sheet of paper then let your hands start moving over the paper, letting what wants to happen, happen.  Work quickly, knocking out a drawing every few minutes and keep this up for an hour for best results.

This is an awesome process for freeing up your deep, often unconscious, feelings, while turning them into images whereby you can even see glimpses of your soul shining through.  Which reminds me, Deborah has published her beautifully evocative SOUL CARDS, inspired from her own Touch Drawings.

Ive been an artist all my life, yet when I treat myself to a Touch Drawing  session, it boggles my mind to see how radically different my drawing style becomes. I find TD allows me greater freedom of expression which in turn accesses images I never even thought of consciously.  Id encourage you to try Touch Drawing.  Youre in for a treat!  For more information contact Deborah at The Center for Touch Drawing, P.O. Box 1089, Langley, WA 98260,
Phone: (360)221-5745
website: http//


Upon seeing what Id created, this Touch Drawing , Birth, I recalled the long forgotten feelings of birthing my own two children -- of being sucked into some primal vortex, having no say in the matter whatsoever -- the screaming openness allowing no choice but to utterly relinquish any semblance of personal control or sense of self.  The agony and the ecstasy combining in one large, raw energy ball called BIRTH.  I suspect that death is a similar experience.

Im still in awe as to how a 3-minute Touch Drawing  could pull these deeply recessed feelings out of me with such graphic knowing.  Whats more, I had no idea what I was drawing as I was creating BIRTH ... I simply let my fingers play upon the paper ... felt finished, turned over the paper for my first glimpse of what Id made and gasped, Wow, that says it all!  Since this drawing contains the essence of the scores of birth dreams I dreamt over the years, you can understand why I had to make it into a Dream Card.  I suspect that the birthing of creative ideas goes through a similar process as does physical birthing.  Think about it!


As I dig back through my old dream journals, I find they are fertile with birth dreams.  In fact my very first recorded dream was such a dream ... an auspicious way to launch my dreaming career!  Heres the dream:

The Deep Hole, 1968
Im taking a shower in the bathroom and when I get out I notice a very deep narrow hole against the wall by the window.  I look down ever so far and see this newly-birthed baby lying there, not crying, just lying there.  It is boy and girl, all races, everything, like all humanity rolled together in one child.  Next thing I know the baby is in my arms, though I know nothing about how it happened.  I like this baby very much and will look after and love it as my own.

Looking at your significant birth dreams over time came be quite revealing.  Try it and detect any patterns.  Here are excerpts from a few more of my own favorite birth dreams over the years.

Beautiful Antique Music Box, 1976
 ... Two children have been conceived in two beautiful antique music boxes and grow up in them.  This day, I am with them when its time for them to be born into this world.

Two Births in the city of Fez , 1983
...The babies are not born in the usual way. They came from inside us and we gave birth, yet there was no pain or even conscious awareness of the actual births.

Sun Baby, 1984
... The pregnant lady with the sun on her shirt just gave birth and is at a lecture on symbols.  She says, You can tell how intelligent a person is by how well she understands symbols.

My Father is Pregnant, 1985
... My father is pregnant and giving birth to a baby girl.

Golden-Haired Baby, 1997
... My daughter, Diana, has given birth to this beautiful little girl with golden hair.  Maharishi comes along and gives the baby a huge emerald, saying Ziz eez for zi beautiful golden-haired baby girl who eez blessed beyond knowing.

Art Business, 1997
... Im giving birth to my new art business.

This is my latest birth dream and ties in so beautifully with where my life is heading these days, I just have to share the whole dream with you.

Flying A Head, 1998
 My friend has come for a visit and has brought along her daughters infant baby. However, she only brought the babys head.  I say laughingly, Is that because its easier to travel on a plane that way? The baby is fine.  Somehow this baby manages to poop.  Im not sure where he poops since theres no diaper, no body, but somehow he manages to poop anyway.  However, Im the one who is cleaning it up.  Were in this area with some other people around but this does not seem that relevant.  Anyway, its a fairly easy job to clean up the babys poop, shit, whatever. There is definitely a knowing that the rest of the babys body is available when needed.  Everyone is fine and having a good time.

When I had this dream, Id just finished making a stained glass box to hold my first 22 Dream Treasure Cards. (I now have created 51 cards).  Here are my journal notes at the time of this hilarious dream.

 Im in my infant stages with my Dream Treasure Cards (BABY), yet I am definitely moving ahead (A HEAD) in my artistic adventures (my great friend from Art School days, is a symbol of my creative adventuring).  Its easy for me to fly (PLANE) with these ideas.  With the power of my mind (HEAD), I can quite easily clear my way through the debris, shit, needing-to-be-discarded, although once useful stuff, (POOP) from my 2,653 dreams that is NOT relevant to my current project.  I can do this easily and Im doing it in order to get to the Treasures, of course.  Surely, this is a dream of encouragement.

RADIANT GROWTH ... time to bloom!

Anyway you slice it, for me, birthing entails creation of something new ... my creative spirit was sparked by some inner fire, so its no wonder the second card that asked to be represented in this Episode was SUN FLOWERS -- an image overflowing with delicate blossoming creations, empowered into full growth by the motivating action of the sun, our ultimate life-giver.  Yet where did this image originate? In a dream, of course!

April, 1991 brought forth this tiny, yet wildly relevant dream that prompted me to paint my Sun Door, eventually to be represented in my dream card, Sun Flowers.

Sun Radiance Giver, 1991
This warm-toned voice tells me that I am a Sun Radiance Giver for whom  freedom, uniquely expressed, brings magic and joy through the arts.

Inspiration for my card came from a card in my favorite tarot deck, SACRED ROSE  by Johanna Sherman (published by U.S. Games Systems,Inc.)  I commenced to paint my version of THE SUN  card on the door of my computer room, to brighten my thoughts and my day.  It worked!  It took me a whole summer to complete this painting and by now Ive looked upon it thousands of times.  The image never fails to lift my spirits.  Its extra great on dull, drizzly days!

So, as I write this, I ask myself ... how have these cards impacted my life since I made them almost eight months ago.  I know right off that what I wanted to BIRTH was the seed of my own book about How To Find Treasures In Your Dreams  (this website is a midwife toward this goal).  I feel like I am starting to BLOOM with this adventurous project by being fortunate enough, thanks to Roberta Ossana and Dream Network, to embark upon this action of writing new Episodes every month on my website for YOU to read and hopefully to enjoy.

QUESTION FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION:  What action can you take now that will ignite your soul?

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BIO: Noreen is owner of 7 Arts Studio in Milford, Ohio, and is in turn owned by her 5 cats.  She is a stained glass artist, dream adventurer, writer, drummer, computer art buff and teacher of Tai Chi.