How to Find Treasures in Your Dreams
Episode #12
“The Best Is Yet To Come”

Noreen thinking up ideas
for her New Millennium  Website

With a fond farewell I bid ‘Adios’ to an exhilarating year of writing monthly Episodes for this website. Huge thanks to Roberta Ossana, Dream Network’s devoted Editor, for offering me this opportunity to express my dreamy self while, at the same time, giving me my introduction to life on the web. I know now why it’s called the ‘web,’ because of the numerous times I’ve felt caught in one, knowing no way out of my latest website dilemma ... then Roberta, with the patience of Job, would help extricate me one more time!
Enormous thanks also, to Jim, my long-time friend, Tai Chi partner and without whom I would never have given up my typewriter for a computer -- ever! He’s taught me everything I know about my Macintosh and helps to edit all my articles. He also writes neat, spooky Vampire essays.

Exciting news! My first printing of 25 sets of my Dream Cards all sold in the first week. This was beyond my expectation for sure, so I quickly high-tailed it to my little printer shop and ordered the next 25 sets.
Announcing the arrival of the Limited Edition ...

Dream Treasure Cards
created by Noreen
for sale now
$43 (plus $4 shipping & fondling)

If you’re interested in purchasing a deck, contact me by Email (press button below!) and I will get in touch with you.
But note: I’ll be on holiday in Europe from mid-October to mid-November, so any Dream Card orders or requests for information will be handled as soon as I return.

Although I won't be writing these Episodes anymore, I will still have a page in the Dream Gift Shop where I will introduce other ideas and services to entice you.
These may include:
The latest on the Dream Cards
Dream Help Service

Jim is eager to help me set up my own website in January 2000. Here are some ideas that I’ve been mulling around with that I’d like to present.
Stories about how people enjoy and use their Dream Treasure Cards.
Networking ideas with readers who are making their own Dream Cards. We can have lot of fun with this and share our delight at what our OWN cards can offer us and others.
Draft chapters of my book -- working title, Finding Treasures in Your Dreams. You will be the first to see!
Information about Tai Chi (and perhaps access to our Tai Chi video)
Information about our Drums for Fun group (including our [homemade] drum tapes).
Handwriting Analysis Reports by Noreen, Professional Graphoanalyst for 30 years.

“Make cards from your dream art,” some inner voice kept urging me. I got enthused and did it. Now you can enjoy these cards too.

What Can You Do With These Dream Cards Anyway?
Anything you can dream up in your own mind is best! Even though these cards are created from my dream art, I feel and believe that the universality in the images will whet your imaginative explorations, will further awaken the inner adventurer in you.

I’ve experienced the cards to great advantage in my own life. Here are some of those ways:
Choose a ‘Card of the Day.’ Almost every morning I choose a card at random (I don’t want to be compulsive!) and let it be a guidance for the day. Realize that SYNCHRONICITY (that seemingly ‘meaningless coincidence’) is the process that makes all this work.

Ask a Question:  I keep a little, but fat, journal with all the question I’ve asked the cards (and the dates), along with my interpretation of how the chosen card addressed my quest. This way I can tell over time, the accuracy and relevancy of these answers. I’d estimate over a 90% helpfulness rating in the last year.

YES/NO Oracle:  One of my cards, the Key Card, seemed a natural choice for the job. Here’s how I use it. First, I try to figure the answer logically. But if that doesn’t work, I write down my question and shuffle the cards while focusing on the question. Then I count the cards from the top until I reach the Key Card. If I reach the Key Card on an off number, the answer is NO. If I reach it on an even number, the answer is YES. This works like a charm.

Blessings and Gratitude:  It feels important to me to bless my cards each time before I interact with them. Something simple is fine, like, “Bless these cards please.” Equally important, thank them when you finish a session. Everything loves to be appreciated!

Aimlessly Play with the Cards:  This can be fun for it’s own sake. Sometimes I simply spread the cards out all over the bed or floor and fool around with them for no particular reason.
Share the Cards with Others:  Occasionally, if a friend requests it, I’ll ask the cards questions on their behalf. This works well, yet I’d rather encourage them to have their own set of cards. Sharing the cards with others may add a sparkle of interest at your next class or club meeting. Experiment.

Dream Treasure Cards as Unique Gifts:  Can you think of a more unusual gift to spring on a friend that these cards? ... Well, maybe a box of chocolate covered whale eggs or fossilized bird droppings from Mars might be more unique -- but will they answer your questions and enhance your life?

Let Children Play Games with the Cards:  These Dream Cards are sturdy, brightly colored, smooth and shiny ... all qualities that entice kids to want to touch and play. Let ‘em. It’s good to encourage the fantasy life of our wee ones.

Help to Understand a Dream:  Certainly, these cards help me to fathom my dreams, but as you can see, that’s not all they can do.

(Excerpted from “Traveler’s Guide” to Dream Treasure Cards, which comes with each set of Dream Treasure Cards).

Order Now! These Dream Cards could become Collector’s Items
(after I become rich and famous)!!!!!!!

BIO:  Noreen is owner of 7 Arts Studio in Milford, Ohio, and is in turn owned by her 5 cats (Gato, Sophia, Pixie, Tad and Maggie). She is a stained glass artist, dream adventurer, writer, computer art buff, drummer and teacher of Tai Chi.

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