How to Find Treasures in Your Dreams
Episode Eleven

Part One:  The Making of a Dream Card
Part Two:  Update on Limited Edition Dream Treasure Cards

“Tarawaithe, Magician of Dreams” ... from sketch to dream card


*Tune in with Nature*
*Fabric of the Universe*
*Thus unbind yourself*


My dream cards each had their own agenda on how they wished to enter into my world and Tarawaithe, Magician of Dreams, was no exception. This androgynous character emerged with great enthusiasm, not from a night dream, but from a meditative inner dialogue session ... a type of Active Imagination that Jung was so fond of.

But first, a little background on where this meeting took place in outer reality. On Samhain, October 31, 1997, I hike down to our magnificent 'Grandfather Oak Tree' deep in our 6 acres of woods. I meditate for a while as I lean against Grandfather's immense trunk.  Then the feeling comes to me to ask for another ANCESTOR to communicate with me.  Here's what I wrote in my original lined, yellow note pad that I'd taken along just in case.


Me: OK, who wants to come to me?
Tarawaithe: I do. My name is TARAWAITHE and I am of Icelandic and Turkish parents, from  many generations ago.
Me: Welcome Tarawaithe. I can't tell yet if you're male or female.
T: Does it matter?
Me: Not really.
T: I am the Magician of Dreams and an artisan of fine fabrics and designs. I make  beautiful garments of fur, bone, precious stones and anything of nature that  asks to be included.
Me: Sounds wonderful.
T: I can help you to be more daring and spontaneously YOU in your dreams and in  your art if you want.
Me: I want. Spill it!
T: You are ready to unbind some bindings. Never mind what kind or how they got  there or for how long. No matter. Loose them with ‘drumming of purpose,’
Me: What do you mean?
T: Easy. Have in your mind before each drum time. “I WANT TO UNBIND PLEASE.”  and let ‘er rip.
Me: Sounds fun.
T: Surely! No need for complications. Simple is best.
Me Is that all?
T: Yes, believe me, that is suffice. 5 years of drumming and now you are primed.
Me Thank you. I will do it.
T: Come back next Samhain and we'll talk. You tell me then how your creative life  has blossomed, flown, burst out, leapt for the fun of it, since this day.

The End

Then as I lay against the tree, I felt the strong urge to sketch this Ancestor, seeing then Tarawaithe,
who now feels a friend of mine forever.

An Unexpected Gift

You’ve just got to hear this. Jim, my number one encourager and helper throughout this whole dream card project, spontaneously wrote the following essay about Tarawaithe from his memory of the card. He likes Tarawaithe! Later, when he realized that I’d already written my version of how I met this Magician of Dreams, and felt that his version was redundant, he ripped up his essay; lickety-split into the garbage it went before I could yell, “STOP!.” He mistakenly thought that I would not want to include it in Episode #11. How could he think this? I still don’t know. Jim’s essay is an exquisite rendering of depths within Tarawaithe that even I had not fully recognized till I experienced the rich tapestry woven by his words. Luckily, the essay still existed on a Zip Disk. Isn’t it strange how some treasures almost get thrown away.

HOW NOREEN MADE THIS CARD:  An Essay by Jim Fitzpatrick

(You’ve already met Jim in Episode #9, in Terror in the Night!, a Vampire story)
All right, here we go....

So let us consider a card. Not just any card, but the card that you will see in large format in the upcoming issue of Dream Network. It shows a dark figure of androgynous quality holding a shining wand in his (her?) right hand. The left hand, in fact the entire left side, is not visible. Hidden.
Hmm. The figure itself is shadowy. As I look at it, stare at it, new things begin to emerge. Oh, look how a lemniscate seems to be formed from the hat. And new ideas coalesce. The shadowed left side reminds me of Carl Jung’s notions about the unconscious. Of how the left oft symbolizes the Unconscious. Dark. Hidden. Depths.
And then I think of the sea. Which brings us to Patrick O’Brian’s series of novels....
Oh. Wait. Sorry. I managed to drift a bit there. But associations just seem to do that! First you get the image. And what does that image bring to mind? And then what attaches itself to that? And, well, you see, just drifting hither and thither become too easy.
But even I, with effort, may stay focused for the course of a couple of pages.
Have you taken a close look yet at the pictures? On the left you can see a quick sketch. On lined paper, no less. And on the right we have our mysterious friend. Surely, you perceive a vague resemblance between the two? Yes?
Correct. This sketch was the beginning.
Samhain, her birthday. Noreen has decided to clamber down the non-path to her Old Oak tree. This tree, discovered by her on a ramble shortly after moving to The Pines, and then promptly lost again.
A few years later, she made a mighty and determined effort to rediscover it. Luckily, she asked me to help. And I, Mighty Woodsperson that I am (not), promptly got us lost. Of course, a quick trot up the hill and her home would have come into sight, but still.... Anyway, as we scrambled about we spotted thick branches towering up. And there he stood. The lost Great Oak.
So now, once or twice each year, Noreen returns to sit at his base and listen to the hum of bugs and scuttles of critters and to write and ... most important for this story... to sketch.
She also asks questions. To whom? You might well ask. To her Self, I might reply. But it doesn’t matter. Questions asked, semblances of answers given; and later, at leisure, a different kind of leisure, answers pondered.
This rustic late autumn day, she sat on a cushion she brought with her and felt the breeze stir her hair (red) and closed her eyes (both blue). She had a few questions. No matter these; personal musings that have by now either settled themselves or become irrelevant. And conversed with a figure from within, which figure named itself Tarawaithe.
And Noreen considered how this inner being configured itself. What shape did it form around itself? Understand here; Noreen did not channel, nor did she hallucinate. She communicated within herself. I suppose you might say she talked to herself. If you must. But, what is more important, she answered.
Carl Jung had a name for such activity. He called it Active Imagination. But, whatever.... Noreen’s inner conversation personified itself as a figure in a feathered, broad brimmed hat. The hair shades the left eye. Swirly and mysterious.
Time passed and Noreen’s sketch sat in one of her dream notebooks (and with almost 3000 dreams accumulated over the past 30 years, she has a few notebooks) until an inner urge pressed her to organize her dreams.
She took a week off and away and read, reviewed, pondered her dreams. And gathered pictures and sketches she had made over the years. She now had a computer and a scanner and a number of nifty programs, including Photoshop and Painter. It was Painter that made the difference. From the quick sketch of Tarawaithe made years before on lined yellow notebook paper, this full, fleshed figure emerged. And, truly, more exists than has revealed itself. I have seen! And yet, better that a part always remains hidden. So that only the needful reveals itself. No more. But assuredly, no less.
And what more do you need. What good does it do you to have a true revelation  and yet not comprehend the message before you? Wisdom must come in it’s own time.
So there you have it. Not the story Noreen would have told you. But a kind of truth nonetheless. A kind of evolutionary truth that emerges from a pondering consideration of this card.


(Noreen’s Note:  Jim was on such an inspired roll with the above essay that he continued to write the following gem, which just about says it all. Thanks, Jim!)

“And, now for something completely different.... Sort of....” by Jim Fitzpatrick
Noreen’s deck of 50 cards progresses. As I write this little essay it is August 20, 1999. The weather outside is sunny and comfortable. Not a blazing hot August, but actually more Autumnal. I hear cicadas even over the music of Mozart that plays on the stereo. Noreen sits at her computer a few miles from here, writing the essay that will accompany the deck of cards that will be available... soon.
The entire structure of Noreen’s business consists of Noreen. She writes each card’s quotation, designs the card, and makes the card, even cuts the card after the printer prints and laminates it. She also hand makes all the nice little bags the cards go into and she punches the hole that goes in the card attached to the bag (order a set of cards and you’ll understand what I’m talking about). Oh, and she strings the cord that closes the bag and ties the nice little knot that attaches the nice little card that she punched the nice little hole in. I help as much as possible, usually by saying, “Uh, that’s nice” or something equally profound. And sometimes I help to tie knots.
And she does all order fulfillment. She signs the deck (they are a limited edition after all!) and puts the card in the package. And she carries the package to the Post Office (or perhaps the UPS pickup point - she hasn’t quite determined the best way yet... anybody have any suggestions?). And off your nice little package goes.
The price for all this? Noreen concluded $34 to be the proper amount. She determined this by deciding that she wanted an amount that added up to 7 and that 25 was too little and 43 too much.
Luckily, I found my Management Accounting textbook and, after a bit of time at the calculator, assured myself that she would not lose money at $34! Which is good because that number “7” had become pretty important to her!
Figure on a small delivery charge in addition to the $34; a few dollars, a bit more for 2 day or overnight delivery (an important issue, if it’s December 20 and you want this for a Christmas gift!). And actually, sometime in the future we will talk about how late you may make your order and still received it by Christmas.
The cards look great. Noreen has modified several from their original form; the “Naptime” card, one of my favorites, now has a much more appealing look and then there’s the “Sun” and Moragh the Tinker... well order a set and see for yourself....
Jim, Noreen’s chum

BIO:  Jim is the Work Contracts and Warehouse Specialist for the Mental Retardation Association for Clermont County in Ohio, studies Accounting, plays drums, practices and teaches Tai Chi, occasionally makes watercolors and writes little essays.  He was born just after the Winter Solstice a few years ago. He likes to think of his hair as a pleasant silvery color.

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NEXT MONTH:"The Best is Yet to Come." Future plans for Noreen’s own 7 Arts Studio Website and other exciting possibilities for the New Millennium

BIO:  Noreen is owner of 7 Arts Studio in Milford, Ohio, and is in turn owned by her 5 cats. She is a stained glass artist, dream adventurer, writer, computer art buff and teacher of Tai Chi and likes to think of her hair as a wild, flaming halo. Her home is an unofficial bird sanctuary in the pine woods, surrounded by six acres abounding in rabbits, deer, raccoons, hedgehogs, squirrels, worms, cicadas, moles, snakes, tree frogs, bats, lightning bugs,... and one giant ancient oak.

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