How to Find Treasures in Your Dreams
Episode Ten


“How to Answer Yes/No Questions with Dream Cards”

The Key Card


What is it about a set of cards that intrigues me so?  There’s something about pulling a whole world of images out of a box that ignites my instant interest.  I also like the compactness of a set of cards which, when opened and the cards allowed to escape from their box, paradoxically, can invite an almost infinite array of combinations to whet my searching mind.

In this Episode, we will explore another way in which my mind is whetted by my own cards by exploring the enigmatic world of the Oracle and how the Dream Treasure Cards eagerly lend themselves to this end  -- with special focus on the Key Card.


But first, what is an Oracle?  According to Webster’s dictionary, an oracle is a “divine announcement.”  At best, it is wise, prophetic, mysterious.  The Dictionary of Mythology by Gertrude Jobes states, “... Oracles in ancient times were oral; of deities; by dreams, as connected with the sanctuaries of Aesculapius at Rome ...” The Aboriginal people of Australia believe the world is full of signs from Spirit and that the world is a living oracle. (Oracle of the Dreamtime by Donni Hakanson)

Oracles have probably been around in some form since mankind could conceptualize a connection with a power greater than self alone.  Throw in the human propensity for imagination and it’s not difficult to realize that oracles throughout the ages have been ‘read’ from an incredible array of objects, including stones, bones, tea-leaves, bird and human entrails (not my first choice!), coins, sticks, the backs of tortoise shells and CARDS.


Now this is where my Dream Treasure Cards get in the act.  In playing with my cards over the last year, it became obvious that I could ask questions of them and get answers that were quite consistently helpful.  To begin with I’d ask a question, then at random pick a card from my deck of 50 cards, invariably choosing a card that addressed my question quite astutely.  Then it dawned on me that sometimes I wished to have a direct YES or NO answer to an immediate question.  How to do this?

One of my cards, The Key card, seemed a natural choice for the job.  Here’s how I use it.  First, I try to figure out the answer logically. But if that doesn’t work, I write down my question and shuffle the cards while focusing on the question. Then I count the cards from the top until I reach The Key card.  If I reach The Key card on an odd number, the answer is NO.  If I reach it on an even number, the answer is YES.  This works like a charm and I’d estimate my hit rate is close to 90% based on the results over time.

A word of caution!  Let me suggest that before you go eagerly to any oracle for help, first try your darndest to figure out the answer to your question logically.  Do your research in the outer world.  Then if you still need help, an Oracle may be your faithful friend.

That’s all there is to it.  Of course, attitude is important.  Certainly I can have a lot of fun with my Dream Cards but best results will happen when I also take the process with a light-hearted seriousness and expect helpful guidance.  Also, the more I good-naturedly ask my cards for help, the more they give. They are generous souls!


Example: “Where is the Cat”  (relating to the disappearance of our ginger cat, Tad)

Key Card Question:  “Will Tad come back home today in good shape?”

This question was important since I was worried about Tad’s unusual disappearance.  My notes tell why ...This was the day Tad jumped off the roof of my moving car (I didn’t know he was there till he slid down my windshield!) then jumped off and ran into the woods near our house.  I figured he was OK and continued to drive on.  Later that day, a neighbor phoned to report that she’d seen a ginger cat, like Tad, flying through the air after being struck by a hit and run driver. She never saw Tad land and assumed he was hurt and lost since I told her he hadn’t come home.  She apparently didn’t realize that the driver of the car was me and I wasn’t about to confess!  However, she now had me worried since Tad was nowhere to be found.  That’s when I decided it was time for a YES/NO session with the Key Card.

Key Card Answer:  “YES”  Phew!  I stopped worrying right away.  Tad returned home a few hours later, his usual chipper, rascal self, but he wasn’t talking!


Choosing Good Movies:  Movie reviews usually don’t do it for me, too often leading me to endure flicks I’d rather have missed entirely.  As with TV, I’m finding I need to be most discriminating about the media images I let into my psyche.  So, what to do?  I don’t want to give up movies entirely because there are a few sparking gems well worth the experience.

I’ve had great success with the YES/NO Oracle where it comes to choosing the best movie to see.  Actually, my hit rate has been 100% so far.  Among the many movies that got a “YES” and that I subsequently heartily enjoyed, were The Governess, The Truman Story, Next Stop Wonderland, Patch Adams, Notting Hill and Never Been Kissed.  During this ‘Oracle movie-going time period’ of the last six months, only once did I risk going to a movie without asking my card Oracle.  It was Jane Austin’s Mafia, the most totally tasteless, absolutely worst flick I’ve suffered through since The Dawn of the Dead.  So, that’ll teach me!


I’ve asked questions and followed the YES or NO advice concerning varied topics which include stock market investing, buying clothes, medical issues, travel places and timings, style of glasses frames, plumbing problems, computer updates, whether to contact a person or not, and on and on.  Occasionally, I will also go to my Oracle Cards at the request on a friend or family member and again, the results have been right-on and gratifying.


So, what can I say!  This is just one more way to connect with the cards and I’d encourage you to try it -- either by making your own set or by purchasing a deck of my soon-to-be released Limited Edition Dream Treasure Cards.


Limited Edition Dream Treasure Cards! Each set happily housed in a handmade purple pouch
plus “Traveler’s Guide Brochure” to help you find the treasure in these cards

My Dream Cards emerged from three decades of dream art which accounts, in some measure, for the diverse styles of my images which range from whimsical to somewhat lyrical in movement to perhaps even profound in impact to the viewer.  They all offer (in the form of a Haiku poem on the back of each card) some measure of hope, humor, guidance and insight.  At least, this has been my intent.

The art styles include sketches, water colors, illustrations, cartoons, Touch Drawings (to learn more, go to:, acrylics, photographs, sculpture and computer art.  In fact, my trusty Macintosh computer has been my indispensable buddy in this whole process since many of my original dream art pieces have benefited greatly from computer enhancement.  My favorite art programs are Painter, Photoshop and last but by no means least, KidPix!

QUESTION FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION:  Consider if there are places in your life where oracles might be of some assistance.

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BIO:  Noreen is owner of 7 Arts Studio in Milford, Ohio, and is in turn owned by her 5 cats.  She is a stained glass artist, dream adventurer, writer, computer art buff and teacher of Tai Chi.

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