How To Find Treasures in Your Dreams
....old dreams never die!

Limited Edition
Dream Treasure Cards
 by Noreen

"Outrageously Unique"

Collection of 50 dream-art inspired cards, ranging from the sublime to the
ridiculous. Designed to entice the joyful expansion of your mind and heart.

These cards will go as far as your own imagination will take you,
eager to offer guidance, humor, insight and even answer your YES/NO questions.

Each deck is housed in a handmade pouch along with a "Traveler's Guide"
booklet to help you get acquainted with the cards. Each set is personally signed
and blessed by Noreen.

Special Introductory Price:  $43 (plus $4 shipping and fondling)/$47 Total.

ORDER NOW:  Theyíre going fast. Just think, these cards could become
Collectors Items after I become rich and famous!


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Noreen Wessling         7 Arts Studio
5429 Overlook Drive   Website:
Milford, OH 45150       Phone:  513-831-7045

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