How To Find Treasures in Your Dreams
“....old dreams never die!”


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Have you embarked upon any dreamy adventures lately?  If this concept
intrigues you, read on, for I'd like to share my recent Dream Quest Adventure
with you.  Perhaps you'd also like to email me with your ideas and experiences
so that we can expand our mutual horizons further.

THE IMPETUS:  On March 29, 1998, I awoke with a powerful dream entitled,
“Gearing Up.”  Naturally, a friend in my dream group asked, “Noreen, what are
you gearing up for?" Without thinking, I blurted out, “To write my own dream
book." Wow, where did that come from! However, the more I played around with
this dream, the more it cried out for action and adventure. Various dream
clues suggested I go away alone on retreat for a week to ten days, with all my
dream journals and bike (for grounding) and see what emerged. I went.
Talk about honoring a dream!

QUESTION:  Do you have dream imagery eager to expand into your daily life in
some creative manner?

HONORING THE DREAM:   So, here's how my adventure started. My car, Rosie, was packed almost up to her roof with my 18 fat dream journals, clothes, water bottles, my pillow, fans, (no air conditioning where I was going) and assorted 'must have' stuff. Lorenzo, my bike, was strapped in place, ready to play his role in my morning grounding bike rides. I was eager. The only possible problem was what the weather man said that morning - "unprecedented heat wave coming up." Well, I figured, since I'd be alone all week, l'd just live in my underwear and keep the fans going all the time. Wrong!

When I got there to my retreat destination, it was as if I was visiting hell's
kitchen with all the burners turned on high. New agenda needed!  Quickly a
splendid idea came to me - "drive right home now and have your retreat in your
air-conditioned 7 Arts Studio.”  Splendid idea! You just never know what lies
in your own backyard.....

QUESTION:  What action could you take now to honor your dream even though you don't have the slightest idea where this might lead?

CREATIVE IDEAS:  I believe that I'm more creative when I'm comfortable. For the first two days, cool at last, I did nothing but data-basing early dreams
onto colored index cards but it was boringly tedius. By the end of the second
day my eye-balls were bugging bigtime and I'd had it.  Again, something had to
be done.  But what? I meditated on it and this time it became very clear that
what I needed to do was key in on what excited and enthused me most about this whole project.  Instantly, I knew.  I wanted to play with my dream art. I
became amazingly refreshed and proceeded with glee.

QUESTION:  Which elements of your dream honoring quest excites and enthuses you the most?

GETTING SPECIFIC:  Now what? The delightful thought came, "Wouldn't it be neat to make your own set of oracle cards from your dream art.” ... Dream Treasure Cards.

By the end of my 10 days of retreat, I had waded through 2,653 dreams, looking for dream art, completed 22 Dream Treasure Cards, each with an offering and Haiku poem on the back.  The book will come later.  As I write this on October 19, 1998, I have created 49 cards altogether (more coming!) and I use them every day now, choosing one card in the morning before I meditate as a guidance for my day.  They are potent! Never in my life have I experienced anything like this. It feels like something deep in my soul has sprung to life, unfolding it's treasures with tantalizing surety. What fun!  What next?

QUESTION:  Do you have ideas, experiences of your own related to this topic
that you would like to share with me?


BIO  Noreen is owner of 7 Arts Studio in Milford, OH.  She is a stained glass
artist, drummer, dream adventurer, writer and teacher of Tai Chi.