“Nothing happens unless first 
a dream.”
             Carl Sandburg

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Dream Network
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Power of Dreams to  heal 
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The Dream Network Journal exists to help you better understand the meaning of your dreams. We encourage you to realize that your dreams do have purpose and meaning; we provide inspiration & education to help you better understand the symbolic language and metaphors in your dreams.

In each issue of the journal, we explore a new Question or Focus... as well as providing articles on Dream Interpretation, Dream Analysis, the Art of Dreamsharing & Developing Dream Groups, Dream Education & the Mythic Dimension. Each issue also contains book reviews, poetry, a resourceful Classified Section & features extraordinary dream inspired Art. Included are listings for existing Dream Groups and Contact Persons around the world who are willing to share their knowledge and resources with you. Also included online is a annotated bibliography of dream symbol dictionaries.

The Dream Network Journal is the definitive in-print & online dream journal for a growing grassroots network of individuals who believe in the value and power of dreams to help us, both individually and collectively, to heal and positively transform our lives and our world.

The Dream Network Journal is a beautifully created, professional Dream Journal dedicated to dream education  & is available worldwide.

  Dream Network Journal Vol. 23 Number 4 Coming Soon!
Dreaming as a Practice and Discipline—'Lifeline' November 10, 2020
Cover Art this page by  Rose McClarren

Click here to view the Table of Contents  for our current issue focused on Prophetic Dreams &Déjà Vu

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