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Table of Contents
For Volume 18 Number 4 Winter1999

FOCUS on Preparing for the Millennium

Dreaming Humanity’s Path

  2 Frozen
  3  Titanic
 12 Fourth Person Point of View
 15 Opening Gates
      Dream Song & Voice Messages
 16 Vermilion
 29 The Secret
 42 Virgin Mary
 46 Unity

FOCUS: ‘Preparing’ Soul & Spirit for the Millennium

 10     Light at the End of the Tunnel:  The Twelve Days of Light
           An Interview with Gary Bonnell,    Interviewed by Roberta Ossana

 18     At the Gates of the Holy City:  Personal Reflections on Spiritual Evolution
              by Suzanne Nadon

The Mythic Connection...

 32 Personal Mythology Part II
               by  Stanley Krippner, Ph.E. & Christopher Ryan
 39  The Goddess Re-Visioned  Part I:  Treading Stars across Earth, Shadow & Soul
               by Marueen B. Roberts Ph.D.

The Art of Dreamsharing & Dream Education

 24 Following the River’s Way:  An Interview with Arnold Mindell
          Interviewed by Joy Gates
 28 Dream Nuggets    by Christina Moon
 43  The World Within by Jan Janzen


        6  Editorial
    7 - 9    Responses: Letters from You!
   30, 31   Dream Inspired Poetry
      34         Dreaming Insights into Relationships
    by Janice Baylis, Ph.D.
      36   DreamTimes by Marlene King, M.A.
      37    Network Nous with Jaye C. Beldo
      44  Book Review by Dick McLeester
      47 - 51   Networkers/Dream Groups/Classified

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