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Dear One,

Thank you for coming to this page!  We need your help and involvement in many ways.
        For over twenty years—with the guidance and grace of Spirit—Dream Network has been finding it's way into a print publication. Our Statement of Purpose aptly describes our motivation and goals. In order to achieve these goals and reach more individuals with the valuable information included in each issue, we are always in need of assistance. Here are some of the ways in which you can contribute to this most important work:

•  Share your dreams and dream-related experience via asking Questions, submitting Articles, dream Art and Poetry. Our Guidelines are here.

•  Many of us are gifted with dreams that are what some call 'Big Dreams,'  and what Carl G. Jung called dreams from the 'Collective Unconscious.'  Dreams that we know, intuitively, are intended to be shared with the larger human community. Go here to learn more and inform/assist us in Dreaming Humanity's Path.

•   Do you belong to—or want to start—a Dream Group? Go here to learn more.
        If you would like to have your Dream Group listed in our publication, write us for information.

•    Marketing  We have subsisted and grown primarily through word of mouth and exposure at bookstores, having had little revenue or expertise for marketing. There are a number of ways in which you can help in this department:
        •  If you have expertise in marketing on the internet—which is comparatively inexpensive and could yield great results—please contact us. We could work out a mutually agreeable contract that has high potential for making a significant contribution in the world, improving the 'look' of the publication... as well as helping, financially.
        •  We have developed a business plan that would allow for hiring a marketing agent and fulfill other needs. If you
             are prosperous and looking for a worthy cause in which to invest, please contact us.
        •  Please consider:
                •  Encouraging your local bookstores and library to carry/subscribe to Dream Network.
                        We are distributed through    New Leaf, One Source, Ubiquity and Media Solutions.
                •  Printing out our Poster and post it at your local bookstore, library, beauty salon/barber, laundromat...
                        wherever bulletin boards allow. (p.s. It's a beautiful Poster!)
                •   Giving Gift Subscriptions to your friends, family, neighbors and clients.

•    Attract Advertisers: Opening for Ad Solicitors  We have an agreement/contract if you enjoy soliticing display and classified advertisers for our print publication..  Contact us

•  Attract Online Advertisers   for our Dream Gift Shop and Dreamworker Directory.

Thank You For Your Interest * Contact Us For More Information

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