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#1: Jeremy Taylor's
Dream Work


Curious about your dreams? Want to know what they mean?

We all dream-- every nite of our life. And, beneath awareness all day long. Dreams speak to us all! No special beliefs are required. No one is excluded. Dreams are truly Universal.

Dreams connect us to the Source of our being and transmit profound daily guidance. Dreams have inspired and enriched every known form of art, science, religion and human endeavor.

Whoever makes us, makes our dreams. We return each night to the "factory" to be re-attuned. People who are deprived of dreaming, rapidly deteriorate. Dreams may be the oldest, most natural, and most universal form of direct inner guidance. Dreams guide us to health and wholeness.

Dreams are nightly letters from God...
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FREE Introductory Dream Class A free, one hour, teleclass is offered on the first Tuesday of each month, from 3-4 pm EST. To enroll
This intro class allows you to meet our staff, ask questions and experience a live demo of dreamwork with spiritual depth.
Additional times for this class may be found at (Search instructor name, Masa or keyword, dreams)

Private, Independent Study, by phone Joint sessions with both Dr Masa and Billie Ortiz are sometimes available by appointment. ($125/hour, prepaid)
Dr Masa is available for a few private Dreamwork or I Ching sessions most weeks. (by appointment, $90/hour, prepaid)

Weekly Telephone Dream Group: TeleDream ($30 per session; or 4 weeks/$100)

Each week a limited number of students may enroll in U-YOU's Monday evening TELEDREAM GROUP. This profoundly moving, two hour dreamwork seminar meets by telephone each Monday evening at 8 pm (EST) to explore the members' dreams. U-YOU co-founders, Dr Ron and Billie, practice their cutting edge dreamwork with missionary devotion (dr Ron since 1985, as co-leaders since 1998).

THE TELEDREAM GROUP is a fascinating group participation model that empowers each member... This work honors the depth, the complexity, and the spiritual power of dreams in a way that is truly rare. Universal dream wisdom speaks to each participant. Resembling Jeremy Taylor's profound work... this is gentle, supportive, compassionate, inspiring, and deeply honest, group dreamwork. A Spiritual Education (Not psychotherapy).

After 15 years of development, this inspiring approach to your own dream wisdom is now available and affordable to anyone who really wants to learn from their dreams.

1. How to Enroll in the TeleDream Group.

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Meet the TeleDream co-Leaders:
How does the TeleDream Group operate?

dr Ron: "We believe dreams carry the highest wisdom available from within. So we examine one dream in great depth, gently peeling away the layers of oniony complexity... to reveal both Wisdom and Energy in every dream."
Billie: "Dream Symbols are like diamonds... click to continue

RAQ'S: Rarely Asked Questions about DREAMWORK

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1. Why interpret dreams in a group, does it require heavy lifting?
2. What is it like to participate in the TeleDream Group?
3.How deep is the source of dreams?

What do the Dreamers say?

"I thoroughly enjoyed the dream class. Thank You!"
“I would never have had the possibility of being in a dream group the way that I am... without the TeleDream group.”
“I'm not sure if I can express, the profound sense of validation of who and what I am… that I got from interpreting this dream.”
"Not only do I like the content of the dream group, I like the process/ via telephone.”
"I taught on the AOL campus for 4 years-- but I like the phone better for distance groups."
"My dreams have always been very powerful forces in my life... now, after just a handful of teledream classes, I am starting to understand the depth to which the truth and lessons go."
"It is magic how each person's dream is really everyone's dream."
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Free Dream Work Education

1.How We Approach Dreams:
a list of 14 'rules'
Billie Ortiz & Ron Masa Ph.D.

Don’t believe a thing we say! Believe your own “felt validity.” Dreams are a message from your inner self to your outer, conscious self. When your head gets the message that your heart already knows, you will feel it…
(click on title above to continue)

2. Some Hints for Doing Dreams
Ron Masa Ph.D.

Dreams are filmed "live and in person" inside of you. They reveal the facts of your inner life. They contain profound insights about every single aspect of your existence. And they do not know how to lie...
(click on title above to continue)

3. A Story of Dream Magic
Ron Masa Ph.D.

I, who was trained as a scientist, would like to tell you a true story about magic. Dream magic. Once upon a time...
(click on title above to continue)

4.What Does Science Owe to Dreams?
Ron Masa Ph.D.

Many people, and certainly many scientists, think dreams are trivial and meaningless fantasies. Probably the side effect of late night pizza-eating...
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