Dream Connection
With the correct interpretation and prayerful intentions,
your dreams can help you to heal your life.

    Many people are sincerely searching for answers to heal their lives. We can utilize dreams in that search. I believe that dreams are important messages from the subconscious, sent to help us heal our lives. Because dreams work within the world of the symbolic, many times it is difficult to clearly grasp their message. I now have over 11 years experience interpreting both my own and others dreams. I interpret dreams from both a deeply spiritual framework and on a practical level. By using a combination of profound inner intuition and years of practical experience, I gently guide you to the messages behind your own dreams.

    As an adult, I used my dreams to help me heal a brutal childhood I had completely blocked from consciousness.As I worked with my dreams, a lifetime of crippling emotional and physical pain left and a complete inner and outer healing took place. I enjoy helping others recover their health and peace of mind as I work with them and their dreams. Your dreams are your best resource for true healing and spiritual growth. They are the voice of your soul and your truth.

“Margaret Plasencia is gifted, intuitive, knowledgeable, conscientious; an excellent mentor for those whose lives seem stuck for no apparent reason.” Nancy George, M.A., M.S. Ed.

“Margaret Plasencia has a unique intuitive gift for keying in on symbols in dreams and accurately interpreting them for clients.”  Dr. Nancy Burk, Msc.D., C.H.T

“Margaret can help you to use your dreams as tools for healing your life.”
        Mrs. Loretta Haas,   Businesswoman

Dreamwork and interpretation by mail. By email Click here
Enclose $25 (check or money order) along with your dream(s)*  to:

Margaret Plasencia
7311  98th Avenue, Unit H
Kenosha, WI  53142

Maximum of three dreams, please.


*  You will receive a step-by-step interpretation of your dream(s), along  with the prayerful intention(s) needed to do the healing for which the dream is calling.  I will work on your interpretations as soon as I receive them.