The Artistry of Charles H. Crabtree

 “Union II”
(As Published on the Cover of Dream Network, Volume 19 Number 2)

       Charles H. Crabtree is a native of Columbus, Ohio.  Charles is a self taught artist who attributes his creativity & inspiration to his time spent traveling and many hours of private study and quiet contemplation.  Mr. Crabtree is interested in the areas of Comparative Mythology, Symbolism,  & Psychology, which is reflected in all of his works.

       Many of Mr. Crabtree’s works reflect the symbolism of dreams and myth discussed by C. G. Jung and Joseph Campbell.  These are the symbols that reach into the collective conscious and make us aware of our potential.  These same symbols have universal themes that cross ethnic, racial, and religious boundaries and allow us to see our selves with all our common needs.  If we can recognize that our Myths and Legends are trying to teach the same principles then we may be able to live more harmoniously with one another.

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